Somerset Wedding Campervans bring back an old wedding tradition!

We thought it would be a nice touch to bring back the old tradition of tying cans to the back of a wedding car!
So, when you book your wedding transport with Somerset Wedding Campervans, you will be offered to have cans trailed behind your Classic VW campervan to surprise your wedding guests!
Over the winter, we have been collecting tin cans and we will offer this old tradition to our wedding couples, at no extra cost, when they book their wedding transport in Somerset with us.
We thought it would be a bit of fun!!

Somerset Wedding Campervans bring back old tradition

So, why do people tie cans to the back of the married couple’s car?
In 2011 when Prince William drove Kate down the Mall in their car, it had the license plate changed to read ‘JU5T WED’, with balloons and tin cans streaming from the back. The practice of tying on cans is thought to date back as far as Egyptian times.
Back then women were still the property of their fathers, and when a man and woman wed it was customary for the father to hand his new son-in-law a pair of his daughter’s sandals.
This symbolised she now belonged to him.
The significance of shoes continued over the centuries. As the bride and groom left in their carriage, wedding guests would throw their shoes at them because it was considered good luck if you hit the vehicle. This tradition evolved to shoes being tied to the back of the car and then eventually changed to tin cans.
So, if you are looking for wedding transport in Somerset for your special day and want to have a bit of fun, contact Somerset Wedding Campervans to see if we have your wedding day available!

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